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Does the thought of stepping inside a medical office give you anxiety? Those cold, sterile white walls with flickering lights can be enough to make you wanna turn around and run!

We get it.

That’s why Laserboxx decided to take a whole different approach when supporting the aesthetic ambitions of our clients within a relaxed and welcoming environment. Somewhere you won’t feel like just another number on the waiting list.
Laserboxx difference

Laserboxx is All About YOU!

Personable and Friendly Licensed Medical Experts

Laserboxx is a tight-knit team of licensed and certified medical professionals with extensive knowledge and understanding of laser hair removal and body contouring practices.

Skin and Body Experts

Our experts in all things beauty and health-related are trained and medically licensed to guide you along the best comprehensive treatment plan, setting you up for success!

Dietary Support

We enjoy taking a personal interest in all factors related to the treatment you seek. This includes discussing your dietary and lifestyle habits, hormone levels, genetics, and anything else that factors into customizing your individual treatment plan.

Save Money with Treatments that WORK

You shouldn’t have to worry about trial and error when it comes to investing in your personal transformation. At Laserboxx — we’re no BS when it comes to quality and price.

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