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Redefining Non Surgical Fat Reduction Procedures understanding what works

The Cryo T Shock is a phenomenal technology other machines will be hard pressed to surpass. There are several new robotic fat reduction technologies on the market. Cold kills fat cells! Fat cells which die at and between 12C to 17C. The lipolysis that more machines on the market offer are a mere shrinkage of the fat cells which can inflate again. The CRYO T Shock is far more effective and versatile to reduce fat and cellulite, tighten loose skin, and reduce the signs of aging. Laserboxx loves the Lymphatic drainage session for those not looking to lose weight but are experiencing bloating.

Laserboxx employs the Cryo T Shock for the following

Loose Skin

Fat Apoptosis by Cryo Freeze

Fat Reduction in targeted areas

Bat Wings

Diastasis Recti*

*will not realign the abdominal muscles but it will constrict the skin which improves the appearance of this condition.

Tissue Stimulation for Skin that has lost Elasticity Turkey Neck, Loose Skin on Knee, elbow or hands.

It’s tantamount for success that one is treated every 2-3 days until results are achieved. The muscle is always to be followed and lifting is always suggested as to of course defy gravity!

We strive to increase awareness of Pagani’s thermal shock technology. Alignment with all of Laserboxx studio Patients is important. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and Tic Toc. Please follow us #Laserboxx

We appreciate referrals and offer referral credit that can be used for services any current studio patient directing a friend or business associate as a token of gratitude.

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